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  • How much nitrogen is appropriate for petroleum coke carburizer?

    This article graphitized petroleum coke manufacturer Lianyungang Guanji Mineral products Co., Ltd. editor to show you how much nitrogen petroleum coke carburiz...
    Release time:2019-10-10   

  • How can I buy good and cheap petroleum coke powder?

    When people buy goods, they all pursue good quality and low price. In fact, there is nothing wrong with this idea. Well, how can we buy this kind of high-qualit...
    Release time:2019-10-08   

  • What is graphitized carburizer?

    As a petroleum coke carburizer manufacturer, today Xiaobian to talk to you about what carburizer is.The main component of carburizer is carbon, and its function...
    Release time:2019-10-08   

  • What is the classification of petroleum coke carburizer?

    Petroleum coke is a by-product of refining crude oil. The residue and petroleum asphalt obtained by crude oil often pressure distillation or vacuum distillati...
    Release time:2019-10-08   

  • What is the use of graphitized petroleum coke?

    The emergence of graphitized petroleum coke is a matter in recent years, although it is not a new product, it belongs to one of the existing graphite materials,...
    Release time:2019-10-08   

  • What are the uses of petroleum coke?

    Petroleum coke is a product formed by separating light and heavy oil from crude oil by distillation and then transformed into heavy oil by hot cracking. From th...
    Release time:2019-10-08   

  • What are the categories of calcined petroleum coke?

    According to graphitized petroleum coke manufacturers' understanding of the structure and appearance of petroleum coke, petroleum coke products can be divid...
    Release time:2019-10-08   

  • Classification and introduction of Graphite

    Graphite is divided into natural graphite and artificial graphite.Natural graphite, as its name implies, is naturally formed graphite, which generally occurs in...
    Release time:2019-10-08   

  • What are the characteristics of petroleum coke?

    The true density of petroleum coke calcined at 1300 ℃ is the main item to measure the quality of petroleum coke. Generally speaking, the higher the true d...
    Release time:2019-10-08   

  • What are the advantages of petroleum coke powder?

    Petroleum coke can be used as fuel, its calorific value is higher than coal, volatile matter and ash are less than coal, but moisture and sulfur are higher than...
    Release time:2019-09-23