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How much nitrogen is appropriate for petroleum coke carburizer?


Graphitized petroleum coke

This article graphitized petroleum coke manufacturer Lianyungang Guanji Mineral products Co., Ltd. editor to show you how much nitrogen petroleum coke carburizer is appropriate. 

The main results are as follows: (1) Coal carburizer, nitrogen content is different according to the quality of coal, nitrogen content is generally 2000 ~ 7000ppm, that is, 0.2% ~ 0.7%. 

(2) the common calcined petroleum coke carbonization agent, because it has not been calcined at high temperature, may be calcined at a low temperature and for a short time. 

Nitrogen content is generally about 1000PPm, sulfur content is also high. 

There is no clear mark on white paper. 

(3) when the carbonization agent of petroleum coke is calcined at high temperature, the nitrogen content is 300 × 500ppm, and the sulfur content is much lower than that of the former. 

You can leave a clear mark on the white paper. 

(4) the carbonization agent of high temperature calcined petroleum coke with good quality, the nitrogen content is in 100PPm. 

Sulfur is lower than the former. 

You can leave a clear mark on the white paper and feel comfortable, just like a 6B pencil. 

(5) in particular, we should remind everyone of the carburizing agent of graphite column particles, which is made of graphite powder and binder by extruding into cylindrical particles. 

Because the carbon is in the form of graphite, the absorption in the furnace is particularly good, which is almost the same as the above-mentioned high temperature calcined petroleum coke, and the price is about 5000 yuan.


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