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To take you to understand the calcined petroleum coke.


Carburizing agent for petroleum coke

Raw material calcination is an important process in carbon production process. Calcination operation is that carbon raw materials are preheated at high temperature under the condition of isolating air. 

The purpose of calcining coke is to remove volatiles and moisture from raw materials. 

In the calcination process, a series of deep changes have taken place in the structure and element composition of all kinds of carbonaceous raw materials, thus improving their physical and chemical properties. 

The calcination quality of petroleum coke has a great influence on the finished product quality of carbon materials and the technical indexes of each process, so ensuring the calcination quality of raw materials is an important prerequisite to ensure the quality of final products. 

The purpose of calcination is: 

1) remove volatiles and moisture from raw materials. 

After calcination, the volatile content is less than 0.5% and the moisture content is less than 0.3%. 

The volatile content and moisture of calcined coke represent the calcination degree, which can not meet the requirements of secondary shrinkage and crack formation during calcination. 

2) improve the density and mechanical strength of raw materials. 

The true density is above 2.00g/cm3. 

The true density of calcined coke affects the true density of the final product, and the mechanical strength difference stacking density is low, which mainly affects the molding difficulty, and the height of the block can not meet the requirements in the required time, which affects the operation of the aluminum reduction cell. 

3) improve the electrical conductivity of raw materials. 

The coke specific resistance after calcination affects the resistivity of the final product. 

4) improve the chemical stability of raw materials. 

The oxidation resistance was improved. 

Calcination equipment. 

Downstream tank calciner. 

Temperature control: 1250 ℃ 1380 ℃; 

Feeding, layout: timely feeding, layout; 

Requirements for pretropics, calcination belts and cooling belts. 

Grasp the reasonable combination of negative pressure, volatile and hot air. 

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