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Application of Carburizing Agent for Petroleum Coke


Graphitized petroleum coke

Use of Carburizing Agent. 

In the smelting process, due to improper batching or charging and excessive decarbonization and other reasons, sometimes the carbon content in steel does not meet the requirements of the peak period, at this time it is necessary to carburize the molten steel. 

The commonly used carburizing agents are carburized pig iron, electrode powder, petroleum coke powder, charcoal powder and coke powder. 

When smelting medium and high carbon steel in converter, petroleum coke with few impurities is used as carburizing agent. 

The requirements of carburizer for top-blown converter steelmaking are high fixed carbon, low ash, volatile, sulfur, phosphorus, nitrogen and other impurities, and dry, clean and moderate particle size. 

The fixed carbon components are as follows: 

Carburizing agent. 

W (C) > 96%, volatile ≤ 1.0%, w (S) ≤ 0.5%, w (moisture) ≤ 0.55%, particle size 1-5 mm. 

The particle size is too fine and easy to burn, too coarse to float on the surface of molten steel, not easy to be absorbed by molten steel. 

In view of the fact that the particle size of the induction furnace is 0.2-6mm, in which the particle size of steel and other ferrous metals is 1.4-9.5mm, high carbon steel requires low nitrogen, and the particle size is 0.5-5mm. 

And so on the specific need according to the specific furnace type smelting workpiece type and so on the detail concrete judgment and the selection. 

Use method. 

Furnace injection method. 

Carburizing agent is suitable for smelting in induction furnace, but it is not the same according to the requirements of the process. 

(1) the carbonization agent can be added to the lower part of the electric furnace according to the ratio or carbon equivalent, and the recovery rate can reach more than 95% when the carburizer is used in the melting of medium frequency electric furnace. 

(2) if the carbon content is insufficient to adjust the carbon content, first clean the slag in the furnace, then add the carburizing agent, and make the carbon dissolved and absorbed by molten iron, electromagnetic stirring or artificial stirring, the recovery rate can be about 90%. If the low temperature carburization process is used, 

That is, the furnace charge only melts part, and when the molten iron temperature is low, all the carburizing agents are added to the molten iron at one time, and the solid charge is used to press it into the molten iron to prevent it from exposing the molten iron surface. 

By this method, the carburization of molten iron can reach more than 1.0%. 

Out-of-furnace carburization. 

(1) Inlet inkjet toner. 

The carbon content of molten iron is expected to be increased from 2% to 3% by using graphite powder as carburizer and blowing amount of 40 kg. 

With the increase of carbon content in molten iron, the utilization rate of carbon decreased. The temperature of molten iron before carburization was 1600 ℃, and the average temperature after carburization was 1299 ℃. 

Nitrogen is generally used as the carrier for graphite powder carburization, but under the condition of industrial production, it is more convenient to use compressed air, and the heat of CO, chemical reaction produced by oxygen combustion in compressed air can compensate part of the temperature drop. 

Moreover, the reduction atmosphere of CO is beneficial to improve the carburization effect. 

(2) use of carburizer when tapping iron. 

100-300 purpose graphite powder carburizer can be put into the bag, or rushed in with the flow from the iron outlet tank, after the molten iron is fully stirred, the carbon can be dissolved and absorbed as far as possible, and the recovery rate of carbon is about 50%. 

The above is our introduction to you on petroleum coke carbonization agent related information, more product information, please continue to pay attention to our Lianyungang graphitized petroleum coke Lianyungang Guanji Mineral products Co., Ltd. Website!


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