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Jiangsu jinzhaochuan carbon products co. LTD

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Address: No..11, Quyang East Industrial Park, Donghai County, Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province

Calcined petroleum coke carbonization agent


Graphitized petroleum coke factory

Granular petroleum coke is hard and granular, which is prepared by delayed coking method with high content of sulfur and asphaltene, and is mainly used as fuel. 

The fluidized petroleum coke is prepared by continuous coking in the fluidized bed, which is fine and granular, the structure is non-directional, the sulfur content is high and the volatile content is low. 

Petroleum coke is calcined to remove sulfur, moisture, and volatile matter. 

Calcining raw petroleum coke at 1200 ℃ 1350 ℃ can make it become basically pure carbon. 

Calcined petroleum coke is used by the aluminum industry, 70% of which is used to make anodes that reduce bauxite. 

About 6% of the calcined petroleum coke produced in the United States is used as a carburizer for cast iron. 

Natural graphite. 

Natural graphite can be divided into two types: flake graphite and microcrystalline graphite. 

Microcrystalline graphite has high ash content and is generally not used as carburizing agent for cast iron. 

There are many kinds of flake graphite: high carbon flake graphite needs to be extracted by chemical method, or heated to high temperature to decompose and volatilize the oxides. 

The ash content in low carbon flake graphite is high, so it is not suitable to be used as carburizer, and medium carbon graphite is mainly used as carburizer, but the dosage is not much. 

Coke and anthracite. 

In the steelmaking process of calcined petroleum coke arc furnace, coke or anthracite can be added as carburizing agent. 

Because of its high ash and volatile content, calcined petroleum coke is rarely used as a carburizing agent for smelting cast iron in induction furnace. 

Lianyungang Guanji Mineral products Co., Ltd., the factory is located in No. 11, East Industrial concentration Zone, Quyang Township, Donghai County, Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province. It is mainly engaged in the production, processing and sales of graphitized petroleum coke, calcined petroleum coke, petroleum coke carbonization agent and other refractories. 

To operate and act as an agent for the import and export of all kinds of commodities and technologies; 

Division I adhere to the principle of equality and mutual benefit, sincere cooperation, quality products, preferential prices, intimate service, cordially welcome the patronage of customers at home and abroad. 

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