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The role of Carburizing Agent for Petroleum Coke in smelting process


Carburizing agent for petroleum coke

In the process of smelting iron and steel, due to improper batching or charging and decarbonization over star and other reasons. 

Sometimes the content of steel or iron does not meet the desired requirements. 

At this time, it is necessary to carburize steel or molten iron and add petroleum coke carbonization agent

The substance commonly used to carburize, the carburizing agent is added to the metal smelting furnace to carry out tower carbon through the dissolution and diffusion of carbon in molten iron, and the absorptivity depends on the dissolution and diffusion rate of the carburizer and the rate of oxidation loss, which promotes the increase of carbon content in molten iron. 

To reduce the content of oxygen in molten iron, it is more important to improve the mechanical properties of smelted metals or castings. 

That is, the use of carburizing agent, can be smelted with the worst scrap steel to produce the best castings. 

Compared with the traditional pig iron, there are many coarse hypereutectic graphite in the new process of smelting with carburizing agent. This kind of coarse graphite has the characteristics of transmission, low melting temperature and the amount of coarse stone is not easy to be eliminated. 

When the coarse graphite is transferred from the liquid to the solid cast iron, on the one hand, it reduces the strength of the cast iron and the properties of the material, on the other hand, it weakens the expansion of the quantitative precipitation of the raw stone in the solidification process. 

The shrinkage tendency of molten iron during solidification is increased. 

In cupola smelting, the amount of pig iron charge should be reduced as much as possible, carburizing agent should be used to ensure high carbon equivalent, and the amount of scrap steel should be increased relatively. 

In this way, the activity can be obtained by Carburizing under the condition of high temperature melting. 

Carbon with more significant stone quantification. 

The morphology of graphite is better in the casting, which is beneficial to improve the mechanical properties, reduce the shrinkage tendency and improve the processability. 

In electric furnace smelting, high quality molten iron is also obtained by Carburizing with low amount of pig iron or even zero amount of pig iron. 

In terms of material properties, in the past, the large proportion of pig iron consumption practice, compared with the same composition of high scrap steel consumption, the semester performance is also half a grade lower. 

Therefore, the new process of smelting with carburizing agent is superior to the traditional large proportion of pig iron in terms of cost and the performance of the finished product. 

The petroleum coke tube carbon agent plays a very important role in the refining work, so the quality of the petroleum coke carbonization agent also determines the quality of the refining. 

Lianyungang Guanji Mineral products Co., Ltd. is specializing in the production of petrochemical petroleum coke carbonization agent and stone quantified petroleum coke manufacturers, we directly to the professional quality requirements.


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