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What is the graphite of graphitized petroleum coke?


Graphitized petroleum coke

As a graphitized petroleum coke manufacturer, our business has always been closely related to graphitized petroleum coke. 

So how much do we know about graphite? 

Let's take a look at it with the editor today. 

Graphite is a material composed of a single carbon element, the crystal structure belongs to hexagonal crystal system, showing hexagonal layered structure. 

On the plane, the carbon atoms combine the σ bond formed by the sp2 hybrid orbital with the delocalized π bond formed by the Pz orbital to form a solid hexagonal grid plane with a carbon-to-carbon atom spacing of 1.42 μ. There is a very strong bond energy (345KJ/mol) between the carbon atoms. 

On the other hand, the carbon atomic planes are bound by a weak van der Waals force (the bond energy is 16.7KJ/mol), and the distance between the layers is 3.354. 

There is no pure graphite in nature, and natural graphite minerals often contain impurities such as SiO2, A12O3, FeO, CaO, P2O5, CuO and so on. 

These impurities often appear in the form of quartz, pyrite, carbonate and other minerals. 

In addition, it also contains water, hydrocarbons, CO2, H2, N2 and other gases. 

Moreover, graphite has many properties. 

First of all, it is resistant to high temperature. 

Graphite is one of the more heat-resistant substances, there is no melting point at atmospheric pressure, even after high temperature arc burning, the weight loss is very small. 

Graphite has high electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity. 

The thermal conductivity decreases with the increase of temperature, and graphite even becomes an insulator at extremely high temperature. 

In addition, the lubrication performance of graphite depends on the grain size of graphite and the degree of crystal development. The larger the graphite grain is, the more perfect the crystal development is, and the smaller the friction coefficient is, the better the lubrication performance is. 

Graphite has good chemical stability at room temperature and can resist acid, alkali and organic solvent corrosion. 

Graphite has certain toughness and can be machined simply. Graphite with high degree of crystal development can even be ground into very thin sheets. 

The coefficient of thermal expansion of graphite is very small and can withstand the drastic change of temperature without damage. 

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