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Application of Carburizing Agent for graphitized Petroleum Coke in steelmaking


Carburizing agent for petroleum coke

Petroleum coke carburizer is widely used in industry. People who are often exposed to petroleum coke carburizer should know very well about this product. Petroleum coke is the waste residue in the process of petroleum refining. 

Graphitization is the process of treating petroleum coke into graphite at high temperature. This process is that petroleum coke passes through electricity and then passes through a high temperature of 3000 degrees, so that the carbon molecular morphology of petroleum coke changes from irregular arrangement to hexagonal uniform arrangement. 

In this way, petroleum coke can be better decomposed in hot metal, all the mainstream carburizers on the market are graphitized petroleum coke carburizer. 

At present, most of the carburizing agents are suitable for electric furnace melting, and a small number of carbonization agents with particularly fast absorption rate are used in cupola. 

In the charging mode of electric furnace smelting, the carburizing agent should be put into the furnace charge such as scrap steel, and the addition of small dose can be added to the surface of molten iron. 

However, it is necessary to avoid feeding a large number of hot metal, in order to prevent excessive oxidation and the carburization effect is not obvious and the carbon content of castings is not enough. 

The amount of carburizing agent is determined according to the ratio of other raw materials and carbon content. 

The characteristics of carburizing agent itself choose pure carbon-containing graphitized material to reduce excessive impurities in pig iron. The appropriate selection of carburizing agent can reduce the production cost of castings. 

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