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What will happen during the combustion of graphitized petroleum coke?


Graphitized petroleum coke

Graphitized petroleum coke is a kind of solid particles, the combustion process can be divided into five parts, that is, pneumatic conveying, mixing with high temperature air endothermic, volatile combustion, toner combustion, and finally the stage of burnout. 

The equipment of graphitized petroleum coke transportation and injection combustion system has been successfully used in many floating line oil powder conversion systems. 

The injection flame is stable, the brightness is good, there is no fire breaking phenomenon, the temperature in the kiln is stable, the burning rate is very high, and the input cost is very low, so graphitized petroleum coke is a worthy combustion material. 

Graphitized petroleum coke is developing better and better in today's form, and many people like to choose graphitized petroleum coke. 

Some problems of graphitized petroleum coke are relatively easy to appear in the process of calcination. People who understand graphitized petroleum coke must know very well about the problems that may arise from it, but there are still many people who are relatively strange. 

Let's take a look at some of the problems that are easy to occur in the calcination process of graphitized petroleum coke: it is necessary to control the actual calcination process. 

Because the more graphitized petroleum coke, the problem is that the burning loss of carbon will be greater, and the loss will be increased, and the finer the particles will be, the more difficult it will be to operate, because the greater the volatile, the higher the moisture. 

It is easy to affect the thermal efficiency of the furnace, so we must pay attention to control this problem. 

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