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Effect of inferior graphitized Petroleum Coke


Carburizing agent for petroleum coke

There will be many inferior products in the market, and inferior products also occupy a large market because of their low prices. Today, we graphitized petroleum coke manufacturers will introduce to you the impact of inferior graphitized petroleum coke. 

Petroleum coke performance stability in order to play the desired effect, we can not choose because the price is cheap and choose inferior products, that will bring adverse effects. 

Petroleum coke is a kind of fuel with stable temperature, low input cost and economic benefit, but if unqualified products are purchased, the combustion efficiency will be affected and our furnace temperature will be affected. 

And insufficient burning of petroleum coke can also cause environmental pollution. 

Under the same conditions, the calcination degree of inferior petroleum coke is not as good as that of granular coke. It is proved by experiments that the true density of calcined coke decreases about 0.02g/cm, and the true density is related to the structure of petroleum coke. Different inferior petroleum coke is calcined at the same temperature. 

The true density is different. 

The structure of a large number of fluidized coke is loose, and the strength of calcined particles is poor. 

These are part of the adverse effects of inferior petroleum coke. In order not to cause losses to post-processed products, Lianyungang Guanji Mineral products Co., Ltd. reminds us to choose high-quality products.


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