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What is the classification of petroleum coke carburizer?


Graphitized petroleum coke

Petroleum coke is a by-product of refining crude oil. The residue and petroleum asphalt obtained by crude oil often pressure distillation or vacuum distillation can be used as raw materials for the manufacture of petroleum coke, and then raw petroleum coke can be obtained after coking. 

Raw petroleum coke produces less than 5% of the crude oil used. 

The annual output of raw petroleum coke in the United States is about 30 million tons. 

The content of impurities in raw petroleum coke is high, so it can not be used as carburizer directly, so it must be calcined first. 

Before we understand the other factors, let's take a look at the raw roommate's home, raw petroleum coke has sponge, needle, grain and flow pattern and so on. 

Spongy petroleum coke is prepared by delayed coking method. Because of its high content of sulfur and metal, it is usually used as fuel for calcination and as raw material for calcining petroleum coke. 

Calcined sponge coke, mainly used in the aluminum industry and as a carburizer. 

Granular petroleum coke is hard and granular, which is prepared by delayed coking method with high content of sulfur and asphaltene, and is mainly used as fuel. 

The fluidized petroleum coke is prepared by continuous coking in the fluidized bed, which is fine and granular, the structure is non-directional, the sulfur content is high and the volatile content is low. 

Petroleum coke is calcined to remove sulfur, moisture, and volatile matter. 

Calcining raw petroleum coke at 1200 ℃ 1350 ℃ can make it become basically pure carbon. 

The biggest user of calcined petroleum coke is aluminum, 70% of which is used to make anodes that reduce bauxite. 

About 6% of the calcined petroleum coke produced in the United States is used as a carburizer for cast iron. 

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