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Selection of Raw Materials for Graphite products processing


Graphitized petroleum coke factory

Because graphite has many excellent properties, graphite products have been widely used in metallurgy, machinery, electricity, chemical industry, textile, national defense and other industrial sectors. 

How to select raw materials for graphite processing: 

For brewing with high chemical purity, high purity carbon materials with low ash content should be used, such as nuclear graphite, heating of vacuum high temperature electric furnace, heat resistant original parts, high purity gold casting mould, fiery beak, etc. 

In addition to the requirement of purity, it must also have the characteristics of high thermal stability and mechanical strength, so the original department must also have the property of high mechanical strength and easy graphitization. 

The raw materials with less ash are petroleum coke, asphalt coke and carbon black. 

Ink products are very common in our lives. Let's talk about what graphite products are mainly used for. 

1. Carbon for electronic semiconductor industry: semiconductor graphite mold, fuel cell guide plate, graphite matrix, graphite pad for silicon cutting rod, graphite lining for electron beam evaporation, graphite boat for glass metal packaging, graphite for electronic sintering die, 

Graphite parts for ion implantation, graphite thermal field for single crystal furnace, etc. 

2. Carbon for high temperature treatment of industrial furnaces: various heating elements used in large industrial furnaces or vacuum furnaces, 

Heating chamber, hearth, heating pipe, bracket, connecting plate, adjusting plate, connector, conductive rod joint, heater, heat insulation chamber, tray, burning cartridge, graphite disk and so on. 

3. Carbon for sintering moulds of diamond tools: specific products include graphite combined moulds, clay moulds, diameter retaining rings for oil bits and nozzle rods. 

4. Carbon for smelting and processing of non-ferrous metals: specific products are: graphite crucible, graphite boat dish, precision cast graphite mould, molten gold crucible, graphite shunt, graphite sleeve, graphite crystallizer, flow nozzle, molten pot for welding metal cable, 

Agitator, rotor rod and impeller for degassing. 

5. Carbon for mechanical industry: specific products are: graphite seal dynamic ring, sealing static ring, graphite bearing, lubricating column, graphite blade, mechanical seal parts impregnated with all kinds of metal or resin. 

6. Special carbon for chemical equipment, silicon carbide furnace and graphitization furnace: special fine structure graphite electrode and square brick for chemical equipment, silicon carbide furnace and graphitization furnace. 

Therefore, petroleum coke is preferred, but the mechanical strength of petroleum coke is lower after graphitization. In order to make up for this, part of asphalt coke is often added to improve the mechanical strength of products. 

Because the mechanical strength of asphalt bear is higher than that of petroleum coke, but graphitization is more difficult. 

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