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Quality Index of Petroleum Coke


Graphitized petroleum coke

The quality of petroleum coke depends to a large extent on the properties of raw materials and their processing conditions. 

The main quality indicators are: 

Purity refers to the content of sulfur and ash in petroleum coke. 

High sulfur coke will cause gas expansion of products during graphitization, resulting in cracks in carbon products. 

High ash content will hinder the crystallization of the structure and affect the performance of carbon products. 

Crystallinity refers to the structure of coke and the size of mesophase spheres. 

The coke formed by the small sphere has a porous structure such as sponge, and the coke formed by the large sphere has a dense structure such as fiber or needle, and its quality is better than that of sponge coke. 

In the quality index, the true density roughly represents this kind of property, and the high true density indicates the good crystallinity. 

Thermal shock resistance refers to the fracture resistance of coke products under the thermal shock of sudden rise to high temperature or rapid cooling from high temperature. 

The products of needle coke have good thermal shock resistance, so they have high application value. 

The coefficient of thermal expansion represents this performance. 

The lower the coefficient of thermal expansion, the better the thermal shock resistance. 

Particle size refers to the relative content of powdered coke and bulk granular coke (available coke) in reaction coke. 

Most of the powder coke is broken by mechanical action such as extrusion friction in the process of coke removal and storage and transportation, so its amount is also a kind of mechanical strength. 

The crushing of raw coke can be prevented by calcining mature coke. 

The coke with more particle coke and less powder coke has high application value. 

Lianyungang Guanji Mineral products Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of high-quality graphitized petroleum coke and petroleum coke carbonization agent. If you still have a prior demand for our products, you are welcome to contact us through the contact telephone number on the website!


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