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The role of Petroleum Coke in Industry


Graphitized petroleum coke factory

1. Petroleum Coke used as fuel for CFB Boiler in Power Plant. 

In order to cooperate with the processing of imported sour crude oil and the upgrading of oil quality, it is necessary to add or expand a number of delayed coking units in coastal and riverside enterprises, and the output of petroleum coke is expected to reach 360Mt. 

In order to digest these petroleum cokes with high sulfur content and low price, advanced circulating fluidized bed technology can be used to build a number of CFB boilers with petroleum coke as raw materials to provide low cost steam, electricity and hydrogen for refineries. 

This is a matter of three things at a time, which not only digests the low-cost high-sulfur petroleum coke, but also meets the steam and electricity needs of new projects in enterprises, and can also replace some of the existing oil-burning boilers and save valuable heavy oil resources. 

A new circulating bed boiler with 75t/h burning petroleum coke was built in Hebei Petrochemical Plant in 2000, which can use limestone as bed material to realize desulphurization in the furnace and reduce the emission of NOx. The combustion efficiency of the boiler can reach 95% ~ 99%. 

Zhenhai Petrochemical processes a large number of foreign sour crude oil and produces hundreds of thousands of tons of high sulfur petroleum coke every year. Because of the high sulfur content in petroleum coke, it is difficult to treat and has little value in utilization. 

In 1999, using CFB (circulating fluidized bed) boiler technology to use high sulfur petroleum coke in power generation, the cost per kilowatt-hour is only 0.18 yuan, while the cost of residual oil power generation is as high as 0.58 yuan, digesting petroleum coke 24Mt (24 million tons) in 2000. 

Sinopec is expanding its General Thermal Power Plant with CFB boilers that can handle 280kt high sulfur petroleum coke every year. 

2.Petroleum coke as raw material for anode paste and graphite electrode in smelter. 

Petroleum coke with low sulfur content can be used as raw material for smelter to make electrode. 

Carbon plants use petroleum coke to produce anode paste for aluminum plants and graphite electrodes for iron and steel plants. 

The sulfur content of petroleum coke affects the use of coke and the quality of carbon products made from coke. 

Especially in the manufacture of graphite electrode sulfur content is a more important index, too high sulfur content will directly affect the quality of graphite electrode, but also affect the quality of steelmaking. 

At high temperature above 500 ℃, the sulfur in the graphite electrode will be decomposed, and too much sulfur will make the electrode crystal expand, resulting in the electrode shrinkage and cracks, which can lead to the scrapping of the electrode. 

In the production of graphite electrode, the sulfur content of petroleum coke will affect the power consumption. The electricity consumption of petroleum coke with sulfur content of 1.0% is about 9% more than that of petroleum coke with 0.5% sulfur content per ton. 

When petroleum coke is used as the raw material of anode paste, its sulfur content also has an obvious effect on power consumption. 

Lianyungang Guanji Mineral products Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of high-quality graphitized petroleum coke and petroleum coke carbonization agent. If you still have a prior demand for our products, you are welcome to contact us through the contact telephone number on the website!


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