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Factors affecting the quality of calcined Petroleum Coke


Graphitized petroleum coke

According to the difference of sulfur content, it can be divided into high sulfur coke (sulfur content more than 3%) and low sulfur coke (sulfur content less than 3%). 

Low sulfur coke can be used as anodic paste and prebaked anode for aluminum plant and graphite electrode for iron and steel plant. 

Among them, high quality low sulfur coke (sulfur content less than 0.5%) can be used to produce graphite electrode and petroleum coke carbonization agent

General quality low sulfur coke (sulfur content less than 1.5%) is often used in the production of prebaked anodes. 

Low quality petroleum coke is mainly used in smelting industrial silicon and producing anode paste. 

High sulfur coke is generally used as fuel for cement plants and power plants. 

Calcined petroleum coke (Calcined Petroleum Coke): 

In order to meet the requirements of petroleum coke (coke), the coke must be calcined in order to meet the requirements of graphite electrode for steelmaking or anode paste (melting electrode) for aluminum and magnesium. 

The calcination temperature is generally about 1300 ℃. The aim is to remove the volatile components of petroleum coke as far as possible. 

In this way, the hydrogen content of petroleum coke reproducts can be reduced, the graphitization degree of petroleum coke can be improved, the high temperature strength and heat resistance of graphite electrode can be improved, and the electrical conductivity of graphite electrode can be improved. 

Calcined coke is mainly used in the production of graphite electrode, carbon paste products, diamond sand, food grade phosphorus industry, metallurgical industry and calcium carbide, among which graphite electrode is the most widely used. 

The coke can be directly used as calcium carbide as calcium carbide main material and silicon carbide and boron carbide as grinding materials without calcination. 

It can also be directly used as coke for blast furnace in metallurgical industry or carbon brick for blast furnace wall, and it can also be used as dense coke for casting process. 

Lianyungang Guanji Mineral products Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of high-quality graphitized petroleum coke and petroleum coke carbonization agent. If you still have a prior demand for our products, you are welcome to contact us through the contact telephone number on the website!


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