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Calcined petroleum coke market


Graphitized petroleum coke factory

Petroleum coke market temporarily stabilizes the price of low sulfur calcined coke. 

Petroleum coke market of the three major groups: 

Sinopec, today's refinery coke city smooth trading, near the end of the month downstream enterprises began to book new orders, today's coking prices of individual refineries slightly higher, to the market with a stable state of mind. 

Although the current market capital situation is not good, but from the supply and demand point of view, the downstream demand of petroleum coke is still relatively stable, and some enterprises began to purchase. 

It is understood that Jinan Petrochemical 700000 tons of coking unit will start normal next week, when the 500000 tons of annual coking plant shutdown, the daily output of petroleum coke will increase slightly, with little impact on the market. 

In terms of PetroChina and offshore oil, Daqing Petrochemical, Fushun Petrochemical and other refineries settled prices in February, Daqing Petrochemical 3450 yuan / ton in March continued to insure prices, Fushun Petrochemical 3550 yuan / ton March sales model to be determined. 

Northwest Jiao City shipment performance is not good, the price is expected to make up for the decline in the later stage. 

Locally refined petroleum coke: 

Today's coking city trading gradually stabilized, individual refinery coke prices began to rebound slightly 20-50 yuan / ton. 

When the lower coking price has basically met the vast majority of downstream psychological expectations, it is expected that in recent days will be stable. 

Calcined coke market: 

Today, the settlement price of low-sulfur calcined coke in Jinxi in February has reached 3500 yuan / ton, and it will continue to be sold at guaranteed prices in March. Because the downstream electrode market has not yet recovered, the downstream order volume is still normal, and other enterprises in Huludao area have also indicated that the goods are under pressure. 

Inventory is high, some enterprises have taken the initiative to reduce production, the current market transaction price 3300-3500 yuan / ton. 

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