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Classification and introduction of Graphite


Carburizing agent for petroleum coke

Graphite is divided into natural graphite and artificial graphite. 

Natural graphite, as its name implies, is naturally formed graphite, which generally occurs in minerals such as graphite schist, graphite gneiss, graphite-bearing schist and metamorphic shale. Natural graphite is rarely pure and often contains impurities. 

Natural graphite belongs to the complex hexagonal double cone crystal, showing hexagonal plate crystal, the common monomorphic has parallel double side, hexagonal double cone, hexagonal column, but the intact crystal form is rare, generally in the form of scale or plate, and the aggregate is densely massive, soil or spherical. 

The molecular structure of natural graphite not only determines its properties, but also determines its limited use. 

The raw materials of artificial graphite are petroleum coke and coal tar pitch, of which petroleum coke accounts for more than 80%. After calcination, the carbon content of calcined petroleum coke can reach 97%. 

The calcined petroleum coke is crushed, screened, ground, proportionally added to the kneading pot for preheating, dry stirring, and then mixed with melted coal tar pitch in the kneading pot. After kneading, the raw material of petroleum coke is added to the electrode extruder. 

After extrusion, it can become artificial graphite after roasting and graphitization. 

The production of graphitized petroleum coke simplifies 80% of the production process of artificial graphite. It can be added directly from petroleum coke to graphitization furnace. After graphitization heating process, graphitized petroleum coke, also known as artificial graphite. 

Although artificial graphite includes graphite electrodes, high purity graphite, isostatic graphite, graphitized petroleum coke. 

Although its use is different, the production link of graphitized petroleum coke is simple, the production cost is bound to be greatly reduced, in the competitive market economy, there must be the advantage of market competition. 

Lianyungang Guanji Mineral products Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of high-quality graphitized petroleum coke and petroleum coke carbonization agent. If you still have a prior demand for our products, you are welcome to contact us through the contact telephone number on the website!


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