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Three types of Carburizer for Petroleum Coke


Carburizing agent for petroleum coke

After market training, petroleum coke carburizer gradually replaced the market position of other carburizers, such as coal carburizer, graphitized petroleum coke carburizer. 

Although this kind of common carburizer is still available in the market, on the whole, the shipment of petroleum coke carburizer is obviously higher than that of ordinary graphite carburizer. 

The main results are as follows: (1) the common calcined petroleum coke carbonization agent, because it has not been calcined at high temperature, may be calcined at a low temperature and for a short time. 

Nitrogen content is generally about 9000ppm, sulfur content is also high. 

No clear marks can be drawn on the white paper, and the absorptivity is more than 80-85%. 

Ordinary castings and gray iron castings manufacturers use better. 

(2) the carbonization agent of petroleum coke calcined at high temperature has a nitrogen content of 300 ppm and 500 ppm, and the sulfur content is much lower than that of the former. 

It can leave a clear mark on the white paper, and the absorption rate is more than 85%-90%. 

Ordinary castings and gray iron castings manufacturers use better. 

(3) the carbonization agent of high temperature calcined petroleum coke with good quality, the nitrogen content is in 100ppm. 

Sulfur is lower than the former. 

You can leave a clear mark on the white paper and feel comfortable, just like a 6B pencil, with an absorptivity of more than 90-95%. 

Ductile iron is used more often. 

With regard to the addition method of carburizer for petroleum coke, we also need to know: carburizer should not be added to the bottom of the furnace first. 

Because the melting point of the carburizing agent is high, it is slowly decomposed and absorbed by the molten iron, so if the furnace bottom is added directly, not only the decomposition time of the carburizing agent will be prolonged, but also the agglomerated high temperature can burn the furnace bottom into a sponge and burn through the furnace bottom. 

Therefore, when there is a small amount of molten iron at the bottom of the furnace, the carburizing agent should be added with the scrap, and strive to add the calculated carburizing agent when the furnace charge is added 3 / 5. 

The development of the market has also led to the improvement of the quality of carburizer series products. 

Different manufacturers use different specifications of carburizing agents need to be combined with the actual situation to choose, in general, petroleum coke carbonization agents in line with the law of market development, no or a small number of manufacturers can try more.


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