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Matters needing attention on Petroleum Coke Powder


Graphitized petroleum coke

Petroleum coke is a hard solid petroleum product of black or dark gray, with metallic luster and porosity, which is composed of fine graphite crystals to form granular, columnar or acicular charcoal. 

Petroleum coke is composed of hydrocarbons, containing 90-97% carbon and 1.5-8% hydrogen, as well as nitrogen, chlorine, sulfur and heavy metal compounds. 

It is mainly used to make carbon products, such as graphite electrode and anode arc, to provide steelmaking, non-ferrous metals and aluminum, to make silicon carbide products, such as grinding wheel, sand skin, sandpaper, etc., to make commercial calcium carbide for the production of synthetic fiber, acetylene and other products. 

It can also be used as fuel. 

The main results are as follows: (1) the effect on the calcination yield, the carbonaceous burning loss of the material whose powder coke is less than 1mm is quite serious in the calcination process. 

A senior carbon expert, a senior carbon expert from Guanji carbon, said that during the calcination process, a small part of the petroleum coke powder is brought into the fire channel with the volatile, burning in the fire channel, resulting in additional burning loss. 

Secondly, the more petroleum coke powder, the larger the surface area of petroleum coke in contact with air. 

Therefore, with the increase of the amount of petroleum coke powder coke, the calcination yield is decreasing. 

The actual yield of calcination design is calculated according to the maximum loss, while the content of petroleum coke powder (less than 1mm) in some refineries is more than 20%. 

In the calcination process, the carbon burning loss exceeds the design parameters. 

The higher the coke content of petroleum coke powder is, the higher the carbon burning loss is and the higher the flying loss is. 

The actual yield will be lower than the design value. 

(2) because the petroleum coke powder is fine, the flying loss of the raw material is carried away with the wind in the process of transportation and storage. 

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