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What are the advantages of petroleum coke powder?


Graphitized petroleum coke

Petroleum coke can be used as fuel, its calorific value is higher than coal, volatile matter and ash are less than coal, but moisture and sulfur are higher than coal, often used to replace cement kiln coal. 

According to statistics, about 38% of the petroleum coke produced in the world is used in the cement industry and about 12% is used as fuel for industrial boilers. 

Take the cement plant with an annual capacity of 850, 000 tons as an example. Compared with the economic analysis of using 100 per cent coal as fuel and 50% each using coal and petroleum coke as fuel, the annual fuel cost can be saved by 18.6 per cent. 

The investment required to process dual fuels can be recovered in about a year. 

The combustion temperature of petroleum coke powder on the glass furnace reaches or is close to the flame temperature of 1650-1730 degrees. 

The ash content is the same as that of heavy oil, and the sulfur powder is lower than coal tar. 

Well, its petroleum coke is a product formed by separating light and heavy oil from crude oil by distillation and then converted into heavy oil by hot cracking process. The composition of petroleum coke is hydrocarbons, which contains 90-97% carbon and 1.5-8% hydrogen. 

It also contains nitrogen, chlorine, sulfur and heavy metal compounds. 

Petroleum coke is a by-product when the feedstock oil of the delayed coking unit is cracked to produce light oil at high temperature. The output is about 25-30% of the feedstock oil, the low calorific value is about 1.5-2 times that of coal, and the ash content is not more than 0.5%. 

The volatile content is about 11%, and the quality is close to that of anthracite. 

If petroleum coke slurry is used as fuel in industrial production, because petroleum coke slurry contains about 30% water, 30% water must be gasified first during combustion, which will greatly reduce the furnace temperature and increase the difficulty of fuel ignition. 

The great advantage of petroleum coke powder and petroleum coke slurry is that there is no water in petroleum coke powder fuel. During combustion, the calorific value of petroleum coke powder is much higher than that of petroleum coke slurry, which makes ignition easier and combustion more stable. 

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