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According to its quality, petroleum coke is used in the production of graphite, smelting and chemical industries. For example, needle coke is mainly used in the production of ultra-high power graphite electrode and some special carbon products. For the steel-making industry, needle coke is used in the development of new technology of electric furnace steel-making. Important materials such as sulfur, common mature coke are widely used in the production of aluminum and high sulfur, while common raw coke is used in the production of chemical industry, such as carbide and silicon carbide. It is a kind of petroleum coke produced in the country of foundry and other fuels, most of which are low sulfur coke, mainly used for aluminum smelting and graphite manufacturing.

Graphite fossil oil coke is a good carburizer for smelting. In the steel-making industry, to produce good steel, we must have good raw materials, including good carburizer, and graphitized petroleum coke is the best carburizer. When there is no graphite fossil oil coke, due to the less scrap of graphite electrode and the high price, it not only increases the cost of steel-making, but also restricts the development of steel industry. The emergence of graphite fossil oil coke breaks this bottleneck. China's iron and steel industry is developing rapidly, and the output of iron and steel is already one of the world's. in the past, in the domestic steel-making industry, low-end non graphitized carburizer was generally used. With the need of product quality improvement and upgrading, more and more graphite fossil oil coke was used in China.

In recent years, China's energy conservation and emission reduction requirements are higher and higher. Industrial furnaces are developing towards large-scale, super large-scale and scientific and technological type. Therefore, the performance requirements of large cathode block, large carbon electrode, graphitized electrode and electrode paste of industrial furnace charge for its supporting service are also higher and higher. To manufacture large cathode block, large carbon electrode, graphitized electrode and electrode paste, more graphite chips with excellent performance should be added. Graphite fossil oil coke can partly replace graphite chips, and the market demand is increasing year by year. The amount of graphite is small, the cost is high and the price is high. Therefore, the graphite fossil oil coke has a good business prospect.

Graphitized petroleum coke is also used in many fields, such as stabilizers for initiating explosive materials in military industry, pencil lead in light industry, carbon brushes in electrical industry, electrodes in battery industry, catalyst additives in chemical fertilizer industry, etc., which need to use carbon and graphite production. High purity graphite, anode material of lithium-ion battery, graphite emulsion, graphite sealing material and composite material, graphite antifriction additive, graphene and other high-tech products can be obtained by deep processing of graphite fossil oil coke.